Meet the Team: Carli Jeffrey

April 2, 2017

Now we’re pleased to feature Wellness Team Member and Spiritual Therapist Carli Jeffrey, who always greats people with a smile and plenty of energy (which might be the Bulletproof Brain Octane talking!).

What do you like about working at Honey & Ginger?

It’s wonderful working in an environment that is supportive to the needs of the community and to the staff. All areas of the company are well rounded, fair and a great deal of thought is put into every decision. Being part of a team that is cohesive and grateful to have each other is amazing. And of course, having my dog Riggins be a part of our team brings so much joy and appreciation words can’t describe.

Why do you like working in the areas of health and wellness?

It’s fulfilling and creates a space for people to use alternative healing methods to improve their health. Its uplifting and inspiring to watch people grow and heal on every level, physical emotional, and mental.

What’s one product Honey & Ginger offers that you couldn’t live without?

The Cultured Coconut. I have taken it daily for more than a year-and-a-half – my immune system is at an all-time high and my digestion has improved tremendously with this product. I also share it with my dog and he reaps the multitude of benefits this product provides (at a very affordable price!). I have recommended it to numerous friends, family and clientele and have heard so many wonderful success stories after they’ve been taking it. A must! Another product that deserves mention is Bulletproof Brain Octane – if you need some extra energy in a pure form, this is the product!