Paleo Nut & Seed Bread

April 29, 2020

Makes 1 loaf. Ingredients: 1 cup sunflower seeds 1/2 cup flax seeds 1/2 cup hazelnuts and/or whole almonds 1  1/2 cups rolled oats 2 T. chia seeds 3 T. psyllium husk 1 tsp. sea salt 1 T. maple syrup 3 T. melted coconut oil or ghee 1  1/2 cups water Preheat oven...

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Golden Milk Recipe

March 13, 2019

Ingredients: 1 cup water 1/2 cup organic turmeric powder 1- 1 1/2 tsps black pepper 5 tablespoons virgin coconut oil To make the golden milk paste, combine water, turmeric and black pepper in a small sauce over medium heat.  Stir until a thick paste forms. Remove from heat and whisk in...

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Meet the Team: Kristy Lambkin, RHN

April 16, 2017

Our team is committed to helping customers on their health and wellness journey - and it’s not a role we take lightly. We’re happy to feature another great Wellness Team Member, Kristy Lambkin, RHN. What do you bring to the customers?  I would say my passion is natural beauty and skin...

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