Meet the Team: Kristy Lambkin, RHN

April 16, 2017

Our team is committed to helping customers on their health and wellness journey – and it’s not a role we take lightly. We’re happy to feature another great Wellness Team Member, Kristy Lambkin, RHN.

What do you bring to the customers? 

I would say my passion is natural beauty and skin care. I love helping people learn more about the benefits of using natural high-quality products, essential oils for therapeutic use and aromatherapy.

If there’s one product that Honey & Ginger offers that you couldn’t live without, what would it be? 

There are way too many wonderful products that Honey & Ginger sells that I couldn’t live without. It’s almost impossible to choose just one! Right now I am in love with the Date Manna Bread, The Cultured Coconut kefir and the Green Beaver Boreal Lip Balm!

Why do you like working in the areas of health and wellness?

Health and wellness is a great passion of mine. I know the importance of having someone to go to for advice and support on your wellness journey, and being able to be that support for our customers is very inspiring!