Meet the Team: Riggins

April 15, 2017

Why do you like working in the areas of health and wellness?
My job is to greet everyone and make them feel welcomed, it brings them so much joy! People love feeling good, and in turn it affects their moods and well being!
What  do you like about working at Honey & Ginger?
I’m pretty good at my job, so people are always bringing me treats and presents, and I get to play ball and snuggle with the ones who love me!
If there’s one product that Honey & Ginger offers that you couldn’t live without, what would it be?
Well, I have a few! I cycle off and on Quercetin, a powerful bioflavonoid that keeps my seasonal allergies in check. I also love the NutraVeg Omega-3, it’s good for my coat, my brain and helps with inflammation. I also love The Cultured Coconut for a good source of probiotics to help with my immune system and digestive health!