Meet the Team: Tyler Messick

April 7, 2019

At Honey & Ginger, we’re committed to helping customers on their journey to better health. With great pleasure, we welcome Tyler Messick to our Wellness Team!

Tyler Messick Photo Credit: Jennifer Scott

Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Tyler had the fortunate opportunity to attend a Steiner Waldorf School as a young boy. This experience planted the seed for his interest in healing modalities and exploring nature’s gifts.

Tyler eventually found his way to Halifax where he graduated from Shambhala School and then went on to attend University of King’s College. After moving to Montreal, he worked as a chef and painter for Arcade Fire, eventually becoming a personal assistant and technician on world tours and live television.

Tyler’s ancestors on his Mom’s side were German church people settling in Bridgewater, NS. Making music is Tyler’s way to communicate with the cosmos on a personal level. Find him performing around the Maritimes.

We asked Tyler “If you could have only ONE product from Honey and Ginger, what would it be?” Tough call eh?!!! So I’m going to choose Bulletproof Collagen. I’ll be curious to hear and debate yours!

Tyler adds a whole new dimension to our talented and hard-working staff. Drop by and introduce yourself. He’ll have the coffee on!