Kristy Lambkin

Esthetician, RHN


Kristy combines her experience as an esthetician and holistic nutritional consultant to advise clients on internal and skin health as well as stress management. Her focus is on natural beauty, using plant-based skin care products for her holistic facials.

All facials include:

  • an in-depth skin consultation as well as take home nutrition and product recommendations for skin health
  • customized exfoliants, masks and treatment creams specific to skin type and concern(s)
  • advanced facial massage techniques to stimulate blood flow, circulation and awakening of the skin; the goal is to create a feeling of calm and healing

Menu of Services:

  • Customized Plant-Based Facial
    • This one hour facial treatment will be tailored to your skin type and specific concern(s) you may have about your skin
    • $90 + HST
  • Luxury Plant-Based Facial
    • Enjoy this luxurious 90 minute treatment that includes all aspects of the Customized Plant-Based Facial as well as an extended facial massage
    • $125 + HST